The Glass Hammer Voice of Experience: Jo Natauri

Excerpt: Women in the work force need to make an effort not to be so hard on themselves, says Jo Natauri, a partner at Goldman Sachs. “You have to accept that you won’t be functioning at 100% in all aspects of your life all the time. Sometimes you are a 100% mother or wife, and sometimes you’re 100% at your job, but often it will be somewhere in between. You have to be ok with pushing and pulling levers in your life, rather than going full bore on all of them at the same time. Frankly it’s a balance you have to acknowledge irrespective of your gender.”

Goldman Sachs & EQT to Acquire Parexel

Jo Natauri, Partner and Global Head of Private Healthcare Investing within Goldman Sachs Asset Management, commented, “We believe this investment will accelerate Parexel’s growth as it builds on the company’s global footprint, strong operational capabilities and expansive healthcare network.”

Mirion Announces Nominees for the Board of Directors

Jyothsna (Jo) Natauri is a Partner of Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC and has served as the Global Head of Private Healthcare Investing within Goldman Sachs Asset Management since May 2018. Prior to assuming her current role, Ms. Natauri was an investment banker with Goldman Sachs for 12 years, where she led coverage of large cap companies in healthcare and other industries. She was named managing director in 2008 and partner in 2012. Ms. Natauri has served as a director on the board of Flywire Corporation since November 2020, and also serves on the boards of MyEyeDr, Sita Foundation and Safe Horizon. She previously served on the board of Avantor from November 2018 to May 2021. Ms. Natauri received a B.A. from the University of Virginia in Economics and Biology.